The Gains That Comes With Running Testnets In CT

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I know a lot of people find it difficult to interact with running testnet. Now let me share a little secret with you guys that has helped me overcome that fear…

  1. Follow the hype of the project you are testing: This process has helped me a lot when the thought of giving up comes to play, hearing the hype of the project alone and seeing the amount of people willing to test that project is enough for me to jump on bound.

  2. Follow the right Twitter inflencers : Now knowing the right people to follow on twitter will better enhance your chances of landing a big airdrop there are a lot of good twitter pages writing educative and informative threads about good projects dropping something huge to their communities don’t be left out know who to follow that has the right information.

  3. Always say some ways of affirmation whenever you are running any testnet: My ability to say the name of any testent i was working on better positioned me to receive my own share of the pair when it drops.
    That will be all for tonight see you guys tomorrow! please drop your comments if this piece was inspiring to you .


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