The futures $apt

What breakthrough will $APT make? considering that there are many L2 projects that are trying to dominate the market and community in various ways.


Aptos will always be one of the biggest projects


This question may have become a rhetoric but i gotta ask. How will APTOS be any different and better than other similar blockchains?

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In terms of blockchain infrastructure and adoption, I believe the Move ecosystem has the upper hand among other ecosystems in terms of scalability and seamless transactions. This gives Aptos an upper hand as an OG project on the Move ecosystem.

We are still early, all that is needed right now is massive adoption and Aptos will rise

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Aptos differs from other blockchains because a single failed transaction will not hold up the entire chain . so, already ii is quite different!

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Btw, when futures ($APT) on Binance? I need it)

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Aptos has many advantages over other blockchains: Since Aptos is built using Move, the project claims to offer several advantages that Ethereum does not. For instance, blockchain commands can be easily verified, and Aptos allows users to modify their private keys. Furthermore, the modular design of Aptos allows it to upgrade without disconnecting the entire network.