The Future of Move at Aptos

by Wolfgang Grieskamp

Move is a novel smart contract language used by several blockchains including the Aptos Network. Move was designed for the Libra/Diem Blockchains at Meta based on security-first principles, which makes it arguably the safest language for smart contracts on the market. At the same time, this approach led to a minimalistic language, leaving out many advanced language features that ease the life of the developer. At Aptos Labs, we are developing a new compiler for Move, the Aptos Move Compiler, which comes with a set of new language features to fill in the gaps in the original Move language design, all without compromising security. In this article, we outline some of the most important upcoming features. Many of these features are not fully finalized: we are sharing this early preview to solicit feedback from the community as we begin to implement them.

· Receiver Style Function Calls
· First Class Higher Order Functions
· User Defined Abilities
· Resource Access Control
· Returning Global References
· Enum Types and Public Structs
· Specification Language
· Additional Features
· Timeline and Process
Check out this blog article for more information.