The first Utility of Monkeys Land NFTs "VIP Community"

What is the VIP Community?
What happens in the Monkeys Land VIP Community?

In the VIP Community, which is one of the features of Monkeys Land NFTs, there are several valuable content categories, each of which alone can generate a lot of income for the members of the Monkeys Land VIP Community.

1- Futures signal
2- Spot signal
3- Current and important cryptocurrency news
4- Introduction of promising projects and projects
5- Introduction of promising collections
6- Up-to-date news of Monkeys Land project
7- Authentic airdrops
8- Free trainings

** All the above are done by a professional analysis team.*

Which NFT owners can use this utility?
1- Owners of NFT airdrops of Monkeys Land (Free Mint)
2- Owners of NFTs who bought from Launchpad.

One of the important goals of the Monkeys Land development team, for this use of NFTs, is to increase the level of awareness of the Monkeys Land community through important trainings. Since the cost of education is very high in most countries and people are easily exploited in the cryptocurrency industry due to the lack of education, the Monkeys Land development team considers this issue as one of their duties to raise the awareness level of the cryptocurrency community and Monkeys Land in particular. increase so that less people suffer these losses and fall into the trap of fraudsters.

The next issue is income, which is the most important goal of cryptocurrency activists. We try to have a direct impact on the income of our society through a professional and expert team. Futures signals, introduction of promising projects and important market news are things that can be earned with a little precision. Especially since they are an experienced and expert team in project recruitment and give you advice.

Wait for the explanation of the next utility of Monkeys Land NFTs…


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