🎮 The day has come! @merkle_trade, a first-ever gamified perp DEX, has just launched its public beta

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Merkle Trade, the world’s first gamified perp DEX built on Aptos, offers an astonishing 1000x leverage on 18 diverse trading pairs, covering crypto, forex, and commodities.

What sets Merkle Trade apart is its Omnichain feature and integration with LayerZero messaging layer.

This means you can access it from most major L1 & L2 chains using popular wallet extensions. It’s like having a universal pass to the world of trading.

:joystick: But here’s the real game-changer - the trading experience is designed as a fun-filled game. You complete missions, tasks, and, of course, trade to earn XP. As you accumulate XP, you level up and unlock rewards.

:gift: Loot Boxes: When you level up, you’re in for a treat! You receive loot boxes filled with rewards. Sometimes, you might even stumble upon them randomly after completing a mission. Loot boxes come in different tiers based on your level, and this affects their contents. Higher tier loot boxes mean better treasures.

Contents can include:

➬ XP boosts
➬ Equippable items
➬ Locked pMKL tokens (which can be converted to MKL tokens at TGE)
➬ Streak boosts (to boost your trading XP earnings)

If you’re new to trading or simply prefer a simplified interface, Merkle Trade has got your back. It’s perfect for beginners, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Merkle Trade launches with an impressive array of assets, including cryptocurrencies like APT, BTC, ETH, and more, forex pairs, and commodities. Max Open Interest, Collateral, and Profit limits ensure platform stability and risk mitigation.


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