The Buzz Around the $tip Thread on Twitter: Apto Fam, What's Your Take?

Hey Apto Fam,

Have you heard about the latest Twitter sensation? It’s the $tip thread project that’s been taking the Twitterverse by storm. Crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto folks alike are diving headfirst into this phenomenon. Even the idols of the internet are farming it, and it seems like everyone is adding $tip to their posts. :rocket:

Now, the big question on everyone’s mind: Does $tip actually reward its users? Well, the truth is, regardless of whether $tip ends up being a rewarding experience or not, users seem to be winning in another way. Twitter itself is taking notice of the massive engagement this thread is generating.

Think about it: When users across the platform are actively participating in the $tip conversation, it’s a win-win for Twitter. More engagement means more users spending time on the platform, which ultimately benefits the social media giant. So, even if $tip doesn’t end up showering its users with riches, the attention it’s attracting might just reward users indirectly.

Now, I want to hear from you, Apto Fam! What’s your take on this $tip craze? Are you joining in on the action, or do you have reservations about its potential rewards? Share your thoughts and opinions below. Let’s dive into this conversation together! :speech_balloon::point_down:


How do we get involved with the project ?


check out on Twitter $tip


Aptos is team work just make sure you play your part well


I see $tip everywhere. Their marketing strategy is effective, but my principle is that when I see mass ppl doing, I stay away


Look like scam project

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Okay thank-you