The biggest issues about aptos that people have!

Aptos like other projects got their issues , so here I wrote the most popular of them

The biggest issues most people have:

  • Where the f… are the tokenomics? Who owns what already?
  • Team that built Aptos also buitl Diem …which is dead.
  • It seems to be a planned dump by Venture Capitalists one year from now.
  • Biggest investment from FTX
  • Social media servers and channels being ignored or shut off to stop people voicing issues.
  • The main goals of Aptos seems to be …?
  • Promised 100,000 TPS …but closer to 4 TPS
  • No interoperability
  • Extreme Centralisation
  • Ticks every box as a security

solana killer :wink:

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The Biggest FOMO those who did not participate in network activities :rofl: