The Biggest Aidrop you should not miss is Bondex Origin (Web 3 project)

:loudspeaker: BONDEX GOOD NEWS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:loudspeaker: Bondex launch New Plan​:small_red_triangle_down:
Kyc ,TGE, Job Portal, Exchange

:loudspeaker: #BONDEX Token Design is Coming soon :fire::fire::fire:

:loudspeaker: bondexapp Upgraded app and token design coming next week

:mega:Recent Updates from our CEO, Bondin!:green_heart:

:one: App Upgrade and Bug Fixes: We are submitting the upgraded apps to Google Play Store and Apple next week. Once approved, we will release the upgraded app with all bugs fixed, including login, earning, and invitations.

:two: New App Version and Support: We are very close to a new version of the app, where all the issues will be fixed. Our support team will assist anyone facing any problems.

:three: Timeline and Priorities: Our targets include upgrading the app in May 2023, a big release of Job Portal + App v3 in Aug/Sept 2023, and monetization before year-end. Our priority is to achieve millions of users, paying clients, and a working platform. Our aim is to conduct the Token Generation Event (TGE) in early 2024, which will be a game-changing event in the industry.

:four: Data Preservation: We have the full user database, and no one’s account will be lost. When the app is upgraded, all the issues will be resolved within 1-2 weeks.

:five: KYC Implementation: As a seed-stage company with 4.5 million downloads, it is not feasible to KYC everyone. We need to upgrade our products and services and monetize to implement KYC. It will come!

:six: Real Value and Disruption: Bondex is a real company focused on product development and delivering real value. We are not a token chaser or offering a free lunch. Our goal is to disrupt the talent industry, empower users, and change the way hiring is done.

:seven: Token Generation Event: Once we achieve all the necessary milestones, there will be an airdrop and our token will be listed on major exchanges.

:eight: Meritocracy and Network Value: Bondex operates on a meritocracy principle. Fill your full profile, upload your resume, and invite your friends. The smarter and more valuable their skills, the better. That’s how you add value to the network and earn your upside. :globe_with_meridians:

:nine: Web-Based Job Portal Release: The big release of our web-based job portal and a new website is scheduled for Aug/Sept. :rocket:

:small_red_triangle_down: FOR NEW USERS:

:rotating_light::rotating_light: DON’T MISS BONDEX MINING :pick:

:fire:Bondex is one of the best mining project #Binance, #solana and #sandbox are the partners with $Celcius #Mudrex #KyberNetwork #Fantom & more…

:fire:Bondex is a web3.0 fintech-enabled talent ecosystem with over 3 million Bondins​:green_heart:

:two_hearts: BONDEX MINING :pick:

:fast_forward: Referral code:

:fast_forward: Start mining :pick: every 24 hrs

:red_circle: HOW TO INCREASE MINING POWER​:question:

  1. Upload your RESUME
  2. Upload your video profile to increases your rate to 0.02
  3. fill in your profile to increases your mining rate at 0.01
  4. invite friends to increase mining rate by 0.02
  5. Log-in every 24hrs to mine more BNDX token

:dizzy: Total Supply: 500 million.
:white_check_mark: Circulating supply is at 37.5 million
:white_check_mark: 22% of the total supply is the allocation for mining.
:white_check_mark: 30% of the 22% has been mined so far.
:white_check_mark: About 70% of the reserve left for free mining :pick:. Mining will end when the amount allocated for it is depleted.


Selon moi c’est trop facile pour que ca paye réellement.


Nice information bro thanks


Great project, thanks info


Mining :pick: every 24 hour. More referral - speed will increase…