The BEST validaotr here!

I studied the blockchain and crypto system for more than one year. I have been participating in crypto since 2016, from trading to supporting projects in various ways, nodes, validation, delegation, mining. Now I have moved away from trading and delved into the study of new projects with the aim of improving them and promoting them in the study among the community, increasing interest in the project itself. Often understanding the device of projects, I noticed how some were done carelessly, because of which interest in participating in them disappeared. But having learned about Aptos, I began to look at how it works and what its purpose is, I realized that I like their detailed documentation, goals and direction in the solution. I am an active participant in such interesting projects as Solana, Mina Protocol and also participate in nym, minima, masa, zeigeist, IronFish Subquery and others. I am very inspired by your Aptos project, having studied it, I want to participate, at least for the purpose of studying it completely from nuri with my own hands.