The best scheme to get a retro drop or What to do in Aptos at the moment? #2 ENG

Public nft sales are no longer profitable, airdrops and retrodrops for the community are designed for 10 years, WHAT TO DO? I have found several options for you to profit from the new hyped blockchain.

The second part: We use several protocols at once, using one amount, to receive a retrodrop

  1. We buy ETH (in the amount of $100 or more) on one of the exchanges

  2. Transfer ETH from the Exchange to an ETH mainnet wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet

  3. We make a bridge from ETH to Aptos using Pontem or Aptos bridge, and so 2 more times, Aptos-Eth, Eth Aptos

  4. Next, swap ETH for Aptos at Hippo swap

  5. We enter Aries markets and stake your ARTs and borrow

  6. Go to Tortuga aptos and stake your aptos.

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You can goes through the Crew3 tasks/quests of all the Aptos Ecosystem projects (my referral links below, thx for joining):