The best project on aptos

hey everyone! :wave:
what do you think is the best project on aptos? :thinking:
share it in the comments and tag me! :grin:


There are many cool projects on Aptos tbh. It’s a bear season as you already know, but almost all are kicking it hard and building! Making partnerships! The next bull might be an Aptos bull season, join in the movement Now! Tortuga is nice, Aptoswap, Hippo, Liquidswap as well. You can check on the best name services as well (Aptos Name Service & Move Name Service) :white_check_mark:


mover bridge

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I think Liquidswap is the best project on Aptos!

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Aptos name service.The most important project by aptos labs


Aptos monkeys and bruh bears is a great community

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I think liquidswap and Topaz,bluemove are a good project!

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i hope this project succesfully)))

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