The Aptos Blockchain: A Secure, Scalable, and Upgradeable Web3 Infrastructure

The emergence of blockchains as a new Internet infrastructure has resulted in developers rapidly building tens of thousands of decentralized apps. Sadly, due to frequent failures, expensive prices, poor throughput limitations, and other security issues, blockchain adoption is not yet widespread. To allow universal adoption in the web3 age, blockchain infrastructure must follow in the footsteps of cloud infrastructure as a reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and ever-improving platform for creating widely-used apps.

To solve these difficulties, we introduce the Aptos blockchain, which was developed with scalability, safety, stability, and upgradeability as fundamental concepts. Around 350+ engineers from across the world have worked on the Aptos blockchain during the last three years. It introduces fresh and innovative ideas in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance, and decentralization. The combination of these technologies will offer a foundation for bringing web3 to the masses:

  • Secondly, the Aptos blockchain incorporates and uses the Move language internally for quick and safe transaction execution. The Move prover, a formal verifier for smart contracts written in the Move language, adds further protection for contract invariants and behavior. This emphasis on security enables developers to better safeguard their product from malevolent actors. Second, the Aptos data model supports flexible key management as well as hybrid custodial alternatives. This, together with transaction transparency prior to signing and realistic light client protocols, results in a more secure and trustworthy user experience.

Aptos blockchain uses a pipelined and modular architecture for the essential phases of transaction processing to achieve high throughput and low latency. Transaction distribution, block metadata ordering, parallel transaction execution, batch storage, and ledger certification all take place at the same time. This method completely utilizes all available physical resources, increases hardware efficiency, and allows for extremely parallel processing.

  • Third, unlike other parallel execution engines that need advance knowledge of the data to be read and written, the Aptos blockchain does not impose such constraints on developers. It can enable atomicity with arbitrarily complex transactions effectively, allowing for faster throughput and reduced latency in real-world applications while also simplifying development.

  • Fourth, the Aptos modular architectural concept promotes customer flexibility and allows for frequent and immediate modifications. Furthermore, the Aptos blockchain has incorporated on-chain change management protocols to enable the quick deployment of new technological advances and the support of new web3 use cases.

Finally, the Aptos blockchain is testing future initiatives to scale beyond individual validator performance: its modular design and parallel execution engine support internal validator sharding, and homogeneous state sharding provides the potential for horizontal throughput scalability without adding additional complexity for node operators.


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