The 10 Best Tech Jobs

It’s hard to go wrong with a technology degree.
As of May 2021, Reports show that a degree in a computer-related field can lead to a variety of well-paying and high-demand jobs:

##1. Data Scientist
Median annual wage: $108,660
There is a high demand for individuals who can evaluate data to help companies make business decisions; however, there is a relatively low supply of qualified candidates

2. Software Developer

Median annual wage: $110,140
Software developers are in great demand. This growth is fueled by the demand for mobile apps and other products that are driven by technology. While some software developers design applications, systems software developers design operating systems and interfaces.

##3. Information Security Analyst
Median annual wage: $102,600
These breaches illustrate the urgent need for information security analysts. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming is the typical requirement

##4. Computer Systems Analyst
Median annual wage: $99,270
Computer systems analysts are needed to design and install new computer systems, and IT consulting firms hire most of them.

##5. Web Developer
Median annual wage: $77,200
There are three types of web developers; web designers, who create the layout and feel of the website, Webmasters who maintain the website, Web architects, who handle the technical construction of the site.

##6. Sales Engineer
Median annual wage: $103,710
Most sales engineers have a degree in business, science, or a technology field. They must also be well-versed in technology to present proposals, explain products and answer questions.

##7. Information Technology Manager
Median annual wage: $159,010
They usually oversee an IT team and handle the organization’s technology needs.

##8. Computer Research Scientist
Median annual wage: $131,490
Computer and Information Research Scientists typically require a Ph.D., and so the candidate pool is small, which keeps the demand for this role high. Among other duties, computer and information research scientists write algorithms to help businesses analyze data.

##9. Network and Systems Administrator
Median annual wage: $80,600
Companies need network and computer systems administrators to handle their day-to-day technology operations, which include installing and maintaining local and wide area networks, intranets, etc.

##10. Computer Support Specialists
Median annual wage: $57,910
There are two types of computer support specialists: computer network support specialists and computer user support specialists. Computer network support specialists usually work with IT staff to troubleshoot problems. Computer user support specialists, also known as help desk techs, assist customers and non-technical employees.



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