Tharkunas İnformation


First of all, I want to talk about myself. I am knowledgeable in blockchain, web3 and network engineering. I am a moderator in many Blockchain projects in Turkey. In these groups, I help people learn about projects and participate in testnets, and I do all this voluntarily. And I produce Youtube content for the community. It’s great to help people contribute to projects from an early stage.

General: Ruesandora community moderator and member
Linktr: @tharkunas | Linktree
Github: Tharkunas (Tarık Akbaş) · GitHub
Telegram: @RuesChat
Discord: Rues Community

Groups I moderatore
Sei network Turkish
Quai Network Turkish
Espresso Systems Turkish
Kujira Turkish
Paloma chain Turkish.

I am also a Turkish Community Manager in the discord channel of the Crowd Control project.