Thala - Defi HyperApp on Aptos!

Thala is a decentralized finance protocol powered by the Move language, enabling seamless borrowing of a decentralized, over-collateralized stablecoin in Move Dollar and capital-efficient liquidity provisioning via a rebalancing AMM on the Aptos blockchain.

Thala offers three core products:

  • Move Dollar ($MOD): a decentralized, over-collaterized stablecoin that vault depositors can borrow against whitelisted collateral
    • ThalaSwap: a rebalancing AMM that features stable pools, weighted pools and liquidity bootstrapping pools, with permissionless, highly-customizable deployment
    • ThalaLaunch: a token launchpad that leverages ThalaSwap’s liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBPs) to enable equitable distribution and effective price discovery

A great Defi platofrom and I believe it will play an important role in the future Aptos ecosystem :fire:


Look at those Defi applications, Aptos is building the ecosystem :rocket:


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