Testnet KYC Abusing

I have a very short (but useful) suggestion: change the KYC provider for testnet participants in Aptos.

The current KYC system (Persona provider) for AIT1 and AIT2 was very easy to abuse and people can use one document many times and get approved instantly. Because a lot of people abuse the system and it hurts decentralization which Aptos wants to achieve.

For example, a person using a passport can register it countless times and even a selfie for verification does not affect this in any way, the same selfie of yours on your document can be used a huge number of times.

So I suggest to change KYC Persona provider for other (Synaps for example). This will help Aptos avoid KYC abuse for the same document multiple times.

If the idea was interesting I will be very happy. And feel free to add your comments and questions.
My discord - dima_f#4724


Good idea. A lot of people try to do many accounts in every Aptos testnet phase

Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into various identity verification services for next phase. There will be an update soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Possibly DiDs FTW? :love_you_gesture:

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Decentralization and cous in one sentence, of course, does not always look appropriate =)

but, judging by the number of selected applications, I think that people who dishonestly use this system do not receive any advantage, because the team conducts a clear screening and selection of candidates for participation in programs (AIT1.2.3 …)