Terms in the crypto and NFT Space

  1. FOMO
    Short for fear of missing out, FOMO can be used in everyday life. It refers to the sense of urgency to buy a token or coin when everyone else is talking about it.

  2. Shill
    Shilling refers to the promotion of a cryptocurrency for the person’s own personal benefit. Although the term didn’t originate in crypto, its use in the space became widely popular.

  3. FUD
    Short for fear, uncertainty, and doubt, FUD refers to when people spread negative feelings about a coin or token.

  4. Going to the moon
    Going to the moon refers to the belief that the price of Bitcoin will experience a significant spike in the future.

  5. Bagholder
    A bagholder refers to someone that’s holding onto a cryptocurrency that has plummeted in price—even to the point where it becomes worthless.

  6. ICO
    An initial coin offering or ICO is the cryptocurrency equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO) which means raising funds through the sale of securities or shares for the first time to the public.

    WAGMI is short for we’re all gonna make it. It is often used in the crypto community to build confidence and encourage everyone not to lose hope.

NGMI, on the other hand, is short for not gonna make it. It refers to the sentiment that you made a bad decision and your investment will not be successful.

  1. Bullish/bearish
    Bullish and bearish both represent a pattern in the market. Although they were mainly applied to traditional stock markets at first, they’ve found their way to the cryptocurrency space.
    A bullish market will feature upward trends in price, while a bearish market will present downward trends.

  2. Cryptosis
    Cryptosis refers to someone who’s obsessed with crypto and wants to learn everything about it.

  3. Degen

Degen is short for degenerate and the crypto community uses it in a couple of different ways. Primarily, degen refers to a person who invests large sums of money in risky and suspicious crypto projects. However, sometimes the term is used affectionately among the crypto community when referring to themselves and others.


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