Talks about "sui launch and the performance of projects launched on it ecosystem"

Friends, how would you rate the launch of projects on SUI? SUI recently launched it project, and they allowlisted members of their discord who have joined the group before febuary 1st, though there were mixed feelings since many claimed they joined the server before the stipulated, and they were not allowlisted. This result to community members feeling the project they had dedicated their time to neglected them when it was time to be rewarded, this brought about the saying that ‘no airdrop no community’ could this be among the reasons why the projects launched on SUI ecosystem has not been performing well or the current nature of the market?


I guess it’s among the reasons why we’ve never seen successful launch on sui network


That’s the major factor, people that have the project popularity prior to launch were neglected, it’s sad :weary:


I just don’t like the innovation of the program I try to participate in Everything there were to do yet I was told that I did not eligible for the Airdrop it pain bro buh I have to move on


They were that greedy that they couldn’t acknowledge those that interacted their network.