Taho Possible Airdrop

For those who got $TAHO on Arbitrum Sepolia testnet

Taho Subspace Beta Portal Now Live - Stake Your Tokens & Earn XP By Completing Quest Tasks :sparkles::fire:

:paperclips: https://app.taho.xyz/

• Currently There Are 5 Portals Available To Join - You Can Join Any Acc To Your Choice ( No Limit )

• I would Suggest To Join Galxe or Arbitrum

• After Joining Stake Your Taho Testnet Tokens & Start Completing The Quest Of Joined Portals To Earn XP

:arrow_right: For Example If you joined Galxe portal Then start collecting OAT’s To Earn XP & Same Goes With Arbitrum More Transaction You Do On Arb More XP You Earn If you join Arb Portal

When This Beta Season Ends Your Earned XP Will Be Converted Into $TAHO Tokens :full_moon_with_face::parachute:


Can you recommend websites to use for transactions on Arbitrum sepolia
Cuz I can’t find any

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This might be taken down buddy… the forum is stictly for Aptos’

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Thanks for this

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Thanks for the insight!

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taho is so much better than metamask

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thanks bro share info

I really like this wallet. Working perfectly.

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