Tabi NFT - The most hyoed early stage NFT platform

Tabi NFT marketplace has raised over $11M from top VCs in two rounds, their investors including BinanceLabs and Anomoca, so imagine the potentials.

Tabi has a clear hint of airdrop, as showed in the pic below.

Remember the Blur airdrop a few months ago? Tabi has even more potentials than blur, and it will very possible to be the leading NFT marketplace on BSC.

Thus, complete the Tabi website quests to position yourself for the potential airdrops!

The quests on Tabi website with NFT rewards: Tabi

There are three quests on their website above, and the invite quest is optional. Make sure you complete those two quests ASAP! Don’t miss this opportunity! The potential is huge, just think of blur.

BTW, according to tge mod in discord: The more NFTs/OATs you claimed, the more mysterious gift you will get in the future :eyes: