Synthetic Asset creation and exchange platform on Aptos

Baklava Space is planning to join the Aptos ecosystem. Baklava Space it the first synthetics platform that allows users to collaterize LP tokens from AMM DEX, to mint synthetics.

Imagine if you want to buy BTC, but you do not want to add more capital.
You can deposit your collateral from AMM DEX on Aptos (i.e the upcoming Pancake Swap, AUX Exchange) and mint the synthetic BTC. In this scenario, you can get the price exposure of BTC without selling other tokens/adding more capital.

This project is being advised by:
Keith Yong - Director of Operations of Litecoin Foundation. Keith is a Crypto OG since 2016 and currently he is the Operations Director of Litecoin Foundation, been with foundation since day 1. Keith was the Ex Senior Vice President in Singapore’s UOB Bank and Ex Head of IT of a department under Singapore’s Ministry of Finance.

Xinxi Wang - Founder & CEO of Coinut Exchange and CoFounder & Board Director of Litecoin Foundation.

We believe this will drive the growth and TVL on Aptos as well.

Let us know what you think.


And that would have been easier

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Thanks for the comment. I would like to know what do you mean by easier here?

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Does Aptos have any LPs for use as collaterals?

When will we see this on Aptos? Good to see DApps migration from Avalanche to Aptos!

Hi, I am Keith and am advising for this project.

We are looking for Aptos community support and grant for this project. If this is a dapp that the community looks forward to, we will bring the launch forward.


There are LP tokens from AUX Exchange and the upcoming Pancake Swap.

Huge potential in APTOS since big players are coming. Baklava will be the first synthetic solution on Aptos. Imagine when your LP tokens become liquid.

We are looking for the Foundation and community support.

Aptos is our first priority for now.

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Does anyone here know more details regarding AptosLaunch?

Yes agreed too mate my vote for Aptos

Do you know how to get connected to the Aptos Foundation?

It will great if we can get a referral!

I saw that Baklava is launching on another chain - Function X chain