Swell Network Airdrop Qualifying

I did some research and am trying to spread awareness of the Swell Network aidrop. It is a CONFIRMED airdrop and it tkaes place on the Ethereum network (womp womp) so pay attention to the gas fees bc they might be high.

First things firt, here’s a referal link. Please click it and support me on my airdrop quest :slight_smile: Swell - Liquid staking made simple

Then some information about how it works:

Welcome aboard!

The Voyage will take you deep into the depths of the ocean, where you will have the opportunity to collect valuable pearls.

Each pearl represents a portion of the $SWELL airdrop, and will ultimately give holders governance tokens at the final destination deep beneath the waves.

Along the way, everyone will get a chance to help build a liquid staking token that serves the Swell Aquanauts, DeFi, and the broader Ethereum ecosystem alike.

Looking ahead, each chapter of the Voyage will have a slightly different objective, but everyone can continue staking and providing liquidity (LPing) through the whole Voyage to collect the maximum amount of pearls.

At the end of Voyage, each of you will have been a part of a unique story; you’ll have experienced a new kind of liquid staking, delved deep into the depths of DeFi, and met new frens on the way to creating a genuine community-led DAO.

Together, you and the rest of the Voyagers will ultimately inherit the city of Swell, and the pearls that you hold will be redeemable for your rightful place to govern and usher in a new era of LSDfi.

During Chapter 1, all voyage participants can collect pearls by staking and LPing in the eligible pools mentioned above. The amount of pearls you collect is both a factor of size and time; the more swETH you hold or LP, and the longer you hold or LP it for — the more pearls you collect.

As in the prelude, pearls can be collected by both staking and LPing. But LPing enables Voyagers to collect pearls at a higher rate.

Your pearl count will update on the Voyage dashboard every five minutes.

As of August 30th we are on chapter 2. The TL;DR:

  • Chapter 2 has begun!
  • You can now earn Pearls by referring new stakers
  • Crosschain swETH is coming in the next few days
  • More ecosystem integrations will follow, including CDPs

Good luck everyone, please use my link and we’ll both start earning pearls Swell - Liquid staking made simple


sounds expensive with gas


thanks for sharing


this is a battle of liquidity, lots of projects to interact with atm


thanks for post these airdrop


Another thing they mentioned!

“To kick off Chapter 2, we are introducing Referrals, a completely new way to earn Pearls by referring new stakers to Swell! This will soon be followed by the expansion of swETH to our first Layer 2: Arbitrum, with more chains to follow soon after!”


I agree, but it looks promising


They mentioned swETH opening up on arbitrum in a couple of days, I’m gonna try that for sure


We keep going

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I think swell can get good

Sounds interesting