• Supra
  • Project Description: We’re a team of blockchain experts, cryptography researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts on a mission to make blockchain better—faster, more secure, cheaper, and more accessible. Our game-changing innovations radically enhance the security and speed of blockchain oracles with cutting-edge security guarantees via novel consensus mechanisms, highly liquid cross-chain interoperability, and a brisk 2-3 seconds to finality. Supra helps developers access the off-chain and cross-chain data they need, bringing their protocols as close as possible to the data faucet.

After 5+ years and thousands of hours of academic research and development, countless simulations, and technical breakthroughs, we’re coming out of stealth mode to solve the Oracle Dilemma and supercharge a better, decentralized future.

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Is Supra still on


Yes it, and can complete the mission and earn more points

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Thanks mate
Great project

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