Summaries from Move Mondays and Workshop Wednesdays

Project Description
I make summaries from almost each and every Move Monday and Workshop Wednesday in Russian and English since march. Each summary is divided into categories, such as AIT2, Technical details, Proposals, Devnet, etc.

By amount of positive reactions, I believe this content is highly valuable. Not to mention it is often translated into other languages as well.

The main goal is to give people a quick recap of what was discussed in every session with the team. Secondly, having them, we can always track what was important during a given period of time.

This information can be formatted as an image or article and sent to social networks.

Well, only KANT1742. An ambassador, node runner, telegram @zhabkaEZ admin.
If you are interested, we can collaborate and translate them into other languages. Feel free to leave a reply or DM me.

Here is an example:

Other examples can be found on Discord:




Thanks for your impactful contributions and for starting a discussion here!

I hope other contributors will help coordinate improvements to such valuable communications, as we introduce processes for updates here on the forum. Would you be open to forming a team?

Just added #summary and #events to your post. We can use tags like these to make sure any related content is organized + accessible.

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Let us know any ideas or questions :relaxed:

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  1. Then I’ll post them on forum as well.

  2. People with knowledge of other languages can write in here and we’ll form a team.


I’ll join to translate to Vietnamese


I would be happy to join the team. I can translate into Ukrainian, Russian and Polish


I may take care of translation into Spanish


thanks for your work!

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very good. Glad I could join in too.

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I Can help with Ukrainian translation. Got Tech Writing experience.

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We’ve already got Ukrainian covered. Thanks for reaching out, though. Will keep in mind if anything changes.

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I would like to collaborate your translations with my infographics. Actually I post only in English, but can write in other (translated) languages :sweat_smile:

Examples of my work: Workshop Wendesday, Move Monday. More in my Twitter…

I can only offer my art if you need an accompanying picture in your posts. :sweat_smile: I can also suggest redesigning the infographic to make it more readable. Where are you planning to place Sammary (except discord)? If it will be on Twitter, then you can collaborate with another project ( dapptos as an example). I also really like the idea of this project because it gives the opportunity to “always track what was important during a given period of time.”


Great !
I’ll join to translate to Japanese. :jp:

I believe transation to each local language is important to onboard 1 billion user.
In addition, I want to exchange original good content written local language with other community.


I can help translate into Ukraine

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We’ve already got Ukrainian covered. Thanks for reaching out, though. Will keep in mind if anything changes.

Thank you very much, I will be ready to help

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I promised you


Fantastic, great to hear this

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Since 16.09 I have been making recaps of live streams that are taking place in Telegram group. They can be found on Telegram, Forum, and Youtube.