Suiswap points airdrop

What is Suiswap Points

𝟏 Definition:

The Suiswap Point is created to measure the contribution of the community members in the Suiswap community before the Suiswap mainnet launch.

𝟐 Airdrop:

The Suiswap team hopes to airdrop a fixed portion (at least 2% of the total supply) after the mainnet launch. We would like to fairly distribute our tokens by measuring the Suiswap Points that each community member owns. For example, say a member who owns 2000 points will receive twice as much as the member who owns 1000 points.

𝟯 Example:

Say Suiswap tries to airdrop 2,000,000 Suiswap tokens to the community after the Suiswap mainnet launch. The total collected Suiswap points are 1,000,000, meaning you could use 1 point in exchange for 2 governance tokens. 

A community member who:

    1. Have an OG Gold role: +10000 points.
    2. Complete CREW3 tasks: +3000 points.
    3. Collect multiple Suiswap-related Galxe OATs: +2000 points.
    4. Other events: 2550 points.

Now, this member owns 17550 points so he could get 17550 * 2 = 35100 airdrop governance tokens. 
   Link to crew3 if u want more points: