Suinami Vs Aptos - Similarities and Projections

What is Sui?
What are the similarities between Sui and Aptos?

Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain that offers scalability and unprecedented low-latency for simple use cases. Sui makes most transactions processable in parallel.


  • When it comes to individual block chains there are major similarities between Sui and Aptos. What is worth noting is actually the differences - Aptos has a scale of up to 160,000 transactions per second (TPS) meanwhile Sui on the other hand looks to deliver and uncapped amount of TPS making it (on paper) much faster and reliable. However Sui hasn’t launched yet and is yet to be proven in mass/high network usage situations.

  • Tokenomics:
    Aptos has a total supply of 1B tokens while Sui is set to launch a 10B total supply - ten times more than Aptos. What is similar is the amount of circulating supply that they both share almost an exact amount of. 189M APT and 190M SUI with similarities in Market cap at Token Generation Event (TGE) one can speculate on the prices of Sui at launch.

Both Aptos and Sui also offer support for smart contracts and NFTs alike, as an NFT investor myself I’ll be keen to watch Sui’s NFT ecosystem as it unfolds.

NB: none of the above offers financial advise in anyway and should not be used as such as it is clearly for educational purposes.


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why sir this grup aptos not sui,

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