Sui launching mainnet May 3 12pm UTC


It’s often said Sui blockchain is the twin of Aptos blockchain. Well, while some might agree to this fact, others probably think is fictional. In this prospect, it will be said the Aptos blockchain has waited long enough for the Sui blockchain to launch Mainnet live. My question at this moment will be how will the Sui blockchain transform the Aptos ecosystem? What will the effect of these two blockchain functioning together?

The overall sector of the Sui blockchain is focused on gaming, NFT with a recorded breaktaking TPS of almost 300000. This is just unbelievable. I can imagine how this unique feature is set to transform every sector of the world’s economy. In literal sense, I don’t think anyone should fade Sui ecosystem. There is a world potential holding at the heart of this blockchain. That being said, I can categorically say that I have been in the Sui ecosystem for about 8 months now and I have seen and participated in lots of NFT and defi projects. In this wise, I will be dropping some Sui projects that you should get whitelisted and why they deserve such recognition. Stay tuned
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All my guys seriously waiting for 3may… it’s all about SUI mainnet… all hope are high right now, let’s see how it goes. But so far so good Aptos all well… How I wish sui can learn from APTOS…

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Can’t wait, really positive about it
LFG guys :fire::100::white_check_mark:

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Anticipating SUI launch so bad