SUI Launch Price Prediction

So here are my thoughts regarding price prediction on $SUI.

Circulating supply has been declared as 528M but with 10% of that supply being returned to the treasury because the presale did not sell out that pegs the CS at around 510M.
Public sale + CAP program + Binance launchpool should put the original circulating at around 203M tokens and that leaves 307M tokens unaccounted for and my guess is the undeclared 307M tokens is being distributed to CEXes/market makers for liquidity purposes ahead of the launch tomorrow. Using this logic of the original selling pressure being 203M in my opinion and comparing that to Aptos’ market cap at launch - $1B, I confident that $SUI should reach $4 - $5 easily at launch.

Just my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:


I think the listing price will be 2.3$ and it will be stable around 5$ - 7$

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I hope you are lucky enough to win a wl spot?

Sui should have come out with a tokenomics by now righh?

Got my allocation already fam. Thanks :pray:

There’s nothing like that for now. Just the circulating supply at launch which is 510M

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$2-$3 probably

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Guess we’ll see :sweat_smile:

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Price could less than $2 imo

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Chief :slightly_smiling_face:
We’ll see how it goes tomorrow


Sha dont increase your hopes…lol