SUI Crypto Price Prediction

Is $10 SUI Possible After Launch?
SUI Network vs Aptos
The current price of APT coin is $9.92 and the circulating supply is 189.5 million. This puts it at a market cap of $1.87 billion and makes it the 33rd biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. We can use this information to predict the SUI crypto price after its launch.

SUI Crypto Price May Hit $3.5 At Launch Day

As mentioned above, SUI network is not live yet and is expected to launch on Wednesday 12 pm UTC. SUI coin will also be minted on the same day. Although the max supply of SUI will be 10 billion coins but only a fraction of it will be available on the launch day. The initial circulating supply of the latest smart contract platform will be only 528 million coins.

Considering SUI to be at the current marketcap of Aptos, it gives us a price of $3.5 per coin. However, if SUI hits the peak market cap of APT ($3 billion) then the SUI crypto price prediction becomes $5.68/coin. It is worth mentioning here that this is just speculation and the actual token price will be determined by the market participants at the launch day.

Bullish Predictions For SUI Token Listing: Up To $5.2 Listing Price

According to a recent tweet by Sui Station, a popular crypto account on Twitter, the upcoming SUI token listing could bring in some significant profits for investors.

The tweet outlines three different scenarios for the SUI token listing price based on various comparisons and valuations. The base case predicts a listing price of $0.2, which is still a profit compared to the whitelisted price of $0.03 and public price of $0.1. However, the more bullish scenarios predict a listing price of $1.2 and $5.2 respectively, which would be a massive win for investors.

Sui Station arrived at these predictions by comparing SUI to another cryptocurrency, $APT, and using various market cap and valuation metrics. While these predictions are not financial advice, they do provide an interesting insight into the potential value of the SUI token.

SUI recently raised $300M at a $2B valuation, and if their fully diluted market cap at listing matches their valuation, investors could still see a profit even in the base case scenario.

Source: Bullish Predictions for SUI Token Listing: Up to $5.2 Listing Price