Sui and the controversy regarding and listing platforms

for the first in forever a hyped project is going through the ICO/IDO instead of the traditional airdrop route, it has lead to mixed reactions from the public with some condemning the process and others applauding it, with today beimg the launch day, what do all think ???


I think the team did what the felt is ok with them and their investors regardless of what people will think or say, I didn’t get the mail so i will sit this one out.

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They never promised airdrop from the outset

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no team have ever promised airdrop,it is all speculation till it happens… but all the same all eyes on 12pm UTC

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why did you delete your comment dear ?

lets just sit back and observe

even me self, but i think they what they knews best

may be like that

let see today :grimacing:

yup, today will be the deciding factor,

@odinaka0288445 what do you think ?
@chibuzorjohn join the conversation too

Glad to be a supporter and also a stakeholder in SUI ecosystem

Sui fell off so bad…the ecosystem isn’t thriving