Suggestions for aptoslabs

The project is very good, the features are interesting and there are some things that make me like it very much, namely: 1. The transaction is fast and easy to use 2. Users can understand the menu easily 3. There are no defects in the interface 4. The product runs according to what the user expects success always and hopefully it can be a promising project when the mainnet arrives.

It is a new and wonderful experience to be one of the people who tried your product in this testnet phase. I hope this project can grow rapidly and achieve the team’s goals by the time the mainnet arrives.

I hope this project can grow rapidly and achieve the goals of the team when the mainnet arrives. it can be used as it should, there are no problems or errors, everything runs as it should. maybe there are some suggestions and input that can be improved such as: making a simpler / elegant design but looks good and providing examples of usability in existing tools so that new users can understand the existing features more easily and well.

Congrats for the team