Suggestion for hompage design

it is just a suggestion: I still like your homepage design!

  1. How about support white-background?
  2. I guess it’s better when support plugin on writing board to use emoji or bold or italic easier.
    You already made good environment to explain how to use them, but I guess still many users don’t know about how to use it. (But I also think it takes too much cost, it would be a not good idea)


today’s Motivation:
: : Hope you to be the best in your job & enjoy real&meta life!
Please sup efficient Associations saving lives! & How about participate in hematopoietic stem cell donating and spread this issue to others? You can save life without damaging you!
: : do stretching nowww!!
have a good day guys:D


mate you got an idea how i can flag posts on here?


You have good idea


I dont know what would be in a better way. But I like how easy it is to navigate. Maybe not to much expect in terms of design at the end of the day its text based platform even tho it supports more than that.