Suggested edits on the validator node creation handbook

Through the process for creating the validator node, I have encountered some issues, and I wish that certain contents could be included in the tutorial. Just want to drop some insights here, and would love to see more in the following discussion.

On AWS (Terraform + Kubenetes)

  • Add some additional steps for user that expect to spin up 1 validator node only
    • Step 4, Add “validator_instance_num = 1” in module “aptos-node”
    • Step 16, Use command kubectl create secret generic ${WORKSPACE}-aptos-node-0-genesis-e1 \ --from-file=genesis.blob=genesis.blob \ --from-file=waypoint.txt=waypoint.txt \ --from-file=validator-identity.yaml=validator-identity.yaml to spin up validator only.

Using source code

  • Before Step 14, Add one more step - update validator.yaml, fix system path to the correct system path. E.g. “/opt/aptos/…” to “/home/ubuntu/…”

Please feel free to add any suggest edits below :slight_smile:


:grinning: hahagagahaga