StickerPack AptosGiffs Telegram

AptosGiffs StickerPack in Telegram

I created one hero “AptosChar” with his muzzle :eyes:

I am glad to present you sticker pack with 23 interesting animated stickers in Telegram that anyone can use in chats!

:thinking: How to add?
— to add stickers to your collection you need to follow the telegram link, just one click and you will enjoy the stickers! :sunglasses:

Yes, they are moving!

:link: Telegram: Add Sticker Set


I like it, it’s funny)

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thanks for feedback!

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It looks interesting not the fact that everyone will understand such a design

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Cool and creative. Good work!

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Really funny stickers :sweat_smile: useful

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@jovar @nikolajchik @fomoescobar @andrii777

thanks guys! i know they are not super high quality pictures FullHd but they are funny
I will continue to work on my sticker pack and add even more so that there are so many stickers so that every situation in the chatting can be answered with a gif hah😂


great, keep going, you’re doing very well

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