Steps to get 10 goerli eth for 2$

Our biggest problem as airdrop hunters is the lack of goerli eth !

I have the solution for you ! It will never be a problem again

Fast and easy !
:one: Go here and connect ur wallet (polygon chain)

:two: Buy FDT token

here is token contract address :arrow_down:

:three: Use bridge

Cross-chain transfer FDT to goerli

Click Bridge&Swap to goerli

Wait 15 minutes, here need 0.05matic as cross-chain gas !

Your account must > 0.05 matic !
:four: Switch to Goerli

Swap $FTD to $gETH

:sparkle:Done, now u have a ton of gETH for farm !

Follow @0xPerceval for more !


Thanks for share tip