Step to complete badges

Add a profile photo and fill in the details
Like this post :heart:
Give emojis in this post
Quote this post by:

n then

Click Reply -
Continue to click the “:arrow_right_hook:” sign at the top
Click “+ Reply as Linked Topic”
Fill in the details keep posting
Coment this post by clicking “reply” and tag a friend with “@” and add an emoji
Create a Topic post by:
click this link 6
Click " + New Topic "
Fill in the details, add a link, add emoji and tag friends by “@” in the post
Edit posts that have been posted by clicking the pencil mark
Click All These Posts Keep Click Quote
Share this post by clicking the chain tag “:link:” in Twitter and email
Go to Badges continue to select “Read Guidelines” continue to scroll until the bottom
Like 50 Snapshots.

Wait for more information @rosel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:](How to get badges for aptos in 10min)
thank you