Step By Step guide on How To Mint The Free @Tabi_NFT NFT and position yourself for airdrop

The project raised over $10M, Airdrop is possible

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Tabi raised the sum of $10M from @BinanceLabs and other VCs, Here is a graphic proof below. This is a good reason to take this serious.

Here is the full guide on how to navigate properly

First is to have your MetaMask wallet, Switch to the BNB chain and head over to Tabi
Connect your wallet from the top right-hand side, then get ready to start with the first quest.

The first quest is to connect your discord, authenticate and join the discord. Then head down to the verification channel on the discord to verify.
The discord is where most people get confused, when you enter the discord, head over to the rules channel, click on the first emoji which is thumps up, then go down to the “get voyager role” channel, and click on get role.
When you have the role, you will notice many other channels opens, then head back to the tabi quest dashboard and verify.

Next is to connect and follow them on Twitter and authenticate your Twitter account. Also, the broadcast will force you to make a tweet and verify.
You will now have the option to mint an nft for the first quest 0.10$ , congratulation. if you do not have $BNB to mint, like this thread and comment your address

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Hello, thank you for the guide, I’ll try


I’m having difficulty connecting my wallet to the page, it says connected on the metamask but ask to connect on the webpage

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