Staking on Tortuga Finance

Since I am generally new in the cryptoworld, please explain to me, is it possible to somehow earn extra by staking apt on tortuga? There are options for mint stablecoin and so on. Can you explain in simple terms what should I do?
Thank u !


yes, you can. but you can also lose money on staking) due to the fact that the APT rate is quite volatile)


You should move slowly and take some time to learn as much as you can on your own from reliable sources, before asking for help anywhere online. The reason being, is if you have very little knowledge, you will be an easy target for scammers. How will you know if the advice you get is not intended to separate you from your hard earned money? The world of crypto currency investment can be very complex, and can take time to master and navigate safely. Please be patient and do your homework. In other words dyor and beware of scammers.


I would recommend you to buy the Hedge Fund product in Mole project.

About this fund

Hedge funds help users to balance market fluctuations by smart contracts and earn high and stable invest returns.

Profit logic

Automatically open long-short balanced farming positions, and automatically adjust the positions with the fluctuation of the market, so as to hedge the fluctuation risk of market.


  • Hedge market fluctuations to earn high and stable invest returns

  • Automatic positions adjustment, users only need one click purchase, it automatically helps to complete all the operations in the background

  • There is no risk of being liquidated


Thanks for the advice! For example, I have already apt in staking on tortuga finance and i know what staking is and how it works. but I don’t know anything about “lend and borrow”, “mint stablecoins” and “provide liquidity”. Can I earn more from them? Is it possible to continue through the tortuga to Argo and additionally receive USDa for example?