Spotting Phishing and scams

Phishing sites and scams have become part of the crypto experience. To spot phishing sites, you need to mind the links you click. Make sure the url is the one you want to click. for example, is not the same with Everyone can fall a prey at any given time. Diligence is the key.
Scams on the other hand tries to trick you into losing your funds. Fake sales, pump and dump projects etc. It is always wise to do your own research whenever you are buying into any presale or private sale, irrespective of their promises. Look them up on X, are they what they say they are? Who are the devs, how is their contract? etc.
whatever happens, just be careful mate. Somethings when things look too good to be real, they often are.


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Thanks for the info mate


Yes, you should always pay very close attention to the site URL

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This is a valuable knowledge.

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great thread

one of the reasons i use pockect universe chrome extension it might not protect you from all the scams but it goes a long way

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Very vital stuff here guys. Thanks for this fam

We need to be extra careful. Don’t be careless