Souffl3 NFT Marketplace : raised $2M in a seed funding round / How to Mint Free NFT

Souffl3 NFT Marketplace : raised $2M in a seed funding round / How to Mint Free NFT

Souffl3 distributes NFT in honor of raising the round by $2M and promises access to the whitelist, raised $2M in a seed funding round co-led by CryptoСom Capital and Synergis Capital, with participation from Huobi Incubator, M77 Ventures and J17 Capital.

Souffl3 ( /) is a leading marketplace and NFT startup platform created in the Aptos ecosystem. The project closed the seed round in the amount of 2 million US dollars. Among the lead investors Capital and Synergis Capital. Other investors include Huobi Incubator, M77 Ventures and J17 Capital.

There is no limit to the joy of this event, so the project decided to distribute OAT.

Also, the command says “Do simple tasks in crew3 ( ) and reach a certain level, and you unlock some roles! They not only give you access to the Souffl3 whitelist, but also future benefits.” We get level 10 and take the role - passing in whitelisted.

:grey_question: What to do:

:one: Go to galxe
(2M seed round fundraise by Souffl3 | Galxe )
:two: Connect your Discord and Twitter, subscribe to the project and mintim OAT. Deadline 2022/11/05 19:00 GMT+03:00


good news.

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MGIMO finished? :rofl:

Moj speciliziation worldwide relationships in MGIMO

Nice to meet you, kollega!


U a welcome ebanij rot! :revolving_hearts:

Big news for the community! Waiting for what’s next

I have some insights about it

Interesting waiting for the next step

so good news :ok_hand:

Also waiting rewards for early user when soufll3 has testnet

I didn’t do anything in their testnet, do you think it makes sense to press the buttons there now? Make a purchase?

Dont know my friend, hope all activities will count

Very decent especially for a nft marketplace

can they close early at all?

We really hope so

didn’t have time to participate :smiley:

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thnk! i think it will get results in future

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it looks perspective, but idk why ppl says aptos is a new solana… with such fees for 0.3$, lol
anyway sadly i missed this OAT :o

They also have an event going on right now, which you can read about in this article