Souffl3 - NextGen Smart Trading NFT Market on Aptos

Project Name / Organization :
Souffl3 ( )

Project Description:
Souffl3 is a NextGen Smart Trading NFT Marketplace where aggregating all the information, providing trading options in 1 place, rid the user of the pain and hassle… we are also building a comprehensive smart trading system that provide users with a in-depth, high speed, and highly competitive NFT analytical toolset to help them discover gems across the market faster. As a result, users on Souffl3 will be able to discover opportunities faster, buy them sooner and profit more than other platforms, thereby leading to a much higher spending desire for users on our platform.

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline:
Will launch test net on Aug 8 2022

Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation:
We are an experienced team in crypto with high-level MOVE engineers and mkt&operation team who have built up a community of 500K+ on other blockchians. The team has previous experience in developing ETH, Solana, etc.
The team has deep experience in dealing with big data and Web 3 on-chain experience, we came from a background of developing billion user scale application and dealing with building data applications catering to 1.2 billion users. The team has a high capacity in fast product development and adoption.

Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable:
python ,move,spark



Looks like our team members got lazy, sorry bro, I revised it. More cooperation in the future, LFM


Already a working product? Or is it like a layer provider between other marketplaces? anyway - strong work and deserves a place in the future!

It will be a while before we meet everyone on Aptos, but everyone can experience our product on Solana this week. I heard that there will be a mystery prize for those who participate in the interaction this week……

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Very excited to announce here! ! !
4C Labs ( ) x Souffl3 ( x Wav3 (
Together, brought a batch of authorizations of NFT from Eth to APTOS. Looking forward to us, bro.

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We’re going live with devnet in about 10 hours. We have a gift for our users

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Gm,fam. We‘re thrilled to announce that Souffl3, the world’s first full-functional NFT marketplace is launching on Aptos devnet :tada:NOW​:tada: Come have a try yourself to get free minted DevNet NFTs!

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Great! Congratulations !

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We has launched its new NFT aggregator service, you can now trade ALL the NFTs on APTOS here. Come try us out .If the NFT market is not supported, welcome to contact us, we will be the first to support

I already have nft on topaz and sell it, when can i trade nft for real

That‘s really great!

I have tried this product and minted some NFTs

As a NFT degen, souffl3’s UXUI is quite comfortable and user friendly

Looking forward to it!

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a full partnership with aptosnames. From now on Souffl3 ( ) will support the displaying of your aptosnames address.We will announce more eco-partners later. Thank you all for your support!


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an extensive partnership with BloctoApp. As the largest NFT marketplace on Aptos Souffl3 ( will work with BloctoApp to make Aptos even more easy-to-use and accessible for everyone.

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Proud to announce that Souffl3 ( will be leveraging LayerZero Labs to enable Aptos’s omnichain NFT ecosystem on mainnet launch! More information coming soon!

This is one of the projects that I start testing on aptos.