Soon because you have done so much for yourself

To be honest and to be humble, if you aggressively farmed all the airdrops during April till October, you are very strong and you will be very rich in space of 5 months.

Bear market is for building (cooking). Harvesting began November 1st. Wait for more announcements.

You will see funny announcements like, if you did this some months ago, go and claim this or that.

We have farmed over 100 projects! The game is a cycle that repeats itself again and again.


Lets see how it goes. Retroactive always remains top priority


I will go for retro drops anytime anyday, cause most project tend to drain from the community only

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Facts only

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Truth be told , you’re right, we pray against wasted effoted

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I hope all will pay

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big time farmer

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I’ll be very very rich next year by God’s grace