Some Sign up Airdrop Opportunity

Missed an Easy Sign up Airdrop opportunity like @ArkhamIntel ?

Don’t worry we have covered around 10 projects that may fill up your wallets.

bear with us.

  1. plexus_fi is Cross chain DEX
    powered by @LayerZero_Labs

a. Join: PLEXUS Exchange | Cross-Chain DEX aggregator
b. Connect your wallet, Discord, and twitter
c. Accept invite
d. Hurrah!! you got 450 plexus points (PP)
e. Get More PP for Each Txn

1 PP = 1 $PLX = 0.2$/PLX, IDO on @SeedifyFund

Screenshot 2023-07-31 152622

  1. ArkhamIntel Airdrop is over but ecosystem & community allocation is 37.3%



  1. binance lab backed Tabi_NFT

Claim free NFTs to get $Tabi tokens in future, as done by @blur_io

a. Visit Tabi
b. Connect wallet BSC network
c. Sailor’s Quest > Connect discord & twitter >
broadcast > claim
d. Redditt quest : connect Redditt > claim

  1. SupraOracles raised $20 million, 50m $supra to be airdropped, KYC mandatory

a. Join Here : Countdown to Blast Off - Supra Community Airdrop Campaign
b. Click “Get Started” > Sign Up & get 420 $supra
c. Go to “mission” answer MCQ one by one
e. Visit weekly for new mission

  1. Join @eesee_io is NFT marketplaces based on ticketed sales system.

a. Click :link:eesee | Gamified NFT trading
b. enter Email id and click Subscribe
c. take part in @Port3Network quest
SoQuest - Campaign Detail
d. Complete @zealy_io task Zealy - Join the movement

  1. VeloData is a apps that allow us to analyze live markets. it also offers Charts , Futures , Options and numerous Market data.

a. visit Velo Data > Open App > sign Up > Verify Email
b. that’s it

  1. OVER wallet (for those who sign up earlier)

a. download the app: or

b. Sign up using same Email > verify it > use Invitation code: WMY07XAWDE to get 1000P

c. Go to Missions & connect twitter to get 500P

d. Claim everyday quest on app

  1. G7_DAO Game7 Waitlist is running, raised $500m with strong support.

a. GAME7: A Gaming Nation
b. connect wallet > sign > connect discord > enter name & email id > Done

  1. @passageio is metaverse that virtual world, raised $6m. As per tokenomics 14% of $PASG are allocated to airdrop. Public sale on 29 th Aug

a. Visit Passage | Where Creators Produce Digital Experiences
b. enter email id > Done

  1. Token_Unlocks tracks when and how much token of certain project will unlocks.

a. visit〽️
b. click on Sign In with Google Account > enter telegram and twitter handle > enter wallet address. > Submit > done

  1. dyorexchange will share #333,333 pool with top whitelisted candidates. 10m $Dyor token will be rewarded. Dyor Decentralized aims to be best investment app DEX.

a. visit Decentralized Web3 Trading & Investing | Dyor Exchange
b. Submit your email id
c. Done

  1. RyzeFi is Next-Gen Binary Options platform on #Arbitrum

a. visit Waitlist — Ryze.Fi
b. enter EVM wallet Address and your email id
c. submit
d. you can also Claim OAT on @Galxe :Galxe | Galxe

  1. C3protocol is new era self-custodial exchange, raised $9.6M.

Get Early User
a. visit C3: Crypto Exchange | Self-custodial | Multichain
b. Click on “connect wallet”
c. Enter Your email address
d. done

  1. SyndrHQ allows Options & Futures on the DEX powered by Layer3 rollup on #arbitrum

a. visit Syndr
b. enter your email id, twitter handle and connect EVM wallet. > Submit > Done
c. You can visit official website:

  1. ArcanaNetwork is Launching SendIT where you send crypto to anyone using email IDs or social accounts

a. Visit
SendIt | Send crypto with email.!
b. enter email > sign up > done

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