🚨 Some Major news from yesterday

  • OpenAI removes Sam Altman from CEO and board roles. Worldcoin suffered a 12% drop shortly.

  • Jump Trading Group ends its affiliation with Wormhole.

  • BitGo CEO Mike Belshe stated it’s probable that the SEC will decline spot Bitcoin ETF applications on the basis that exchanges and custody are not separated. He highlighted that Coinbase, chosen by various applicants as a custody partner for potential ETFs, might contribute to this issue.

  • The SEC delayed decisions on spot Bitcoin ETF applications from both Franklin Templeton and Global X. The original deadlines were today and November 21 respectively, now extended into early 2024 due to these delays.

  • Fidelity aims to launch an exchange-traded fund holding Ethereum’s ether, following BlackRock’s similar crypto move. The proposed Fidelity Ethereum Fund would be listed on a Cboe Global Markets-owned exchange, pending approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, along with BlackRock’s similar ETH ETF.

  • Bank for International Settlements (BIS) study revealed that privacy can boost users’ interest in using a Central Bank Digital Currency by up to 60%, especially when buying privacy-sensitive items.

  • Mastercard’s lead for blockchain and digital assets in Asia-Pacific told CNBC that customers are so accustomed to current currency systems that there’s no rationale for CBDCs

  • FTX creditors are reportedly receiving larger claims at rates reaching 60¢ to 65¢ on the dollar, indicating an improved recovery outlook for them.

  • Deribit’s crypto options and futures exchange saw a record-high open interest for Bitcoin options, exceeding $15 billion.

  • Republic has chosen Avalanche as the blockchain for launching Republic Note, a digital asset enabling investors to earn returns from a diverse investment portfolio. This security token, set to list in a few months, aims to profit from a portfolio comprising over 750 “private assets.” It’s garnered over $30 million in “pre-sale participation” from numerous individual investors and institutions.


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OpenAi board were not fair to their staff that helped scaled their project from 0 dollar worth to over 80b dollars


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