🆕 some major news from yesterday 'aug 3'

  • Twitter ( X ) allegedly plans to launch an exchange within the app.

  • Bitcoin volume reaches a 3-year low due to decreased summer activity.

  • Gary Gensler intends to focus on AI before addressing crypto-related matters.

  • Elizabeth Warren urges the Treasury and IRS to take swift action on the $50 billion crypto tax loophole.

  • President Biden’s laser eyes mug raises hopes for Bitcoin ETF approval, as it symbolizes a possible bullish sentiment toward Bitcoin.

  • Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein admits to being the original hacker in the 2016 cyberattack on Bitfinex, resulting in a $4.5 billion theft. He pleads guilty to laundering the stolen Bitcoin.

  • MetaMask follows Uniswap in blocking HEX swaps as the SEC investigates Richard Heart.

  • A study by the Network Contagion Research Institute suggests that FTX and Alameda Research may have used social media bots to manipulate the crypto market.

  • Coinbase enlists major brands such as Coca-Cola and Atari for its “Onchain Summer” event ahead of the Base mainnet launch on August 9.

  • Binance achieves a remarkable milestone of 150 million user sign-ups.

  • Bitcoiners seek citizenship by investment as a hedge, with Dominica offering two routes to citizenship involving a one-time donation or a real estate investment.

  • On-chain data indicates that Justin Sun controls a significant portion of stUSDT.

  • Amazon AWS upgrades its crypto-related services, leading to a blowout profit and a 10% stock surge in after-hours trading.

  • HashKey Capital predicts that ETH Liquid Staking Protocols could double within two years.

  • Author and cryptocurrency fraud victim McAdam cancels appearances due to serious security concerns.

  • MetaMask enables a staking feature in its portfolio app, allowing users to stake ETH and MATIC while comparing rates across providers.

  • The Bank of Russia reveals the digital ruble’s logo and commission fees.

  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange plans to offer crypto services via a partnership with Fireblocks.

  • Arkham Intelligence offers a $46,000 bounty for the exploiter behind last year’s FTX attack.

  • Direxion files for Bitcoin and Ether ETFs.

  • Marathon Digital solidifies its position as the world’s largest publicly traded Bitcoin miner.

  • A conceptual artist sells bread with a Bitcoin wallet baked inside for over $13,000 worth of BTC at Bitcoin Miami.

  • Despite name brand NFT deals, Nifty’s shuts down.

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