• In July, there were catastrophic losses of $486 million due to high-profile hacks and exploits, six times more than the total losses in 2022.

  • The U.S. Department of Justice is considering charging Binance, but they fear a potential bank run similar to FTX. As a result, they are exploring other options, including fines and deferred agreements.

  • The U.S. launches an investigation into BlackRock over Chinese investments following the acceptance of the Bitcoin ETF.

  • Bloomberg analysts believe the odds of Bitcoin ETF approval have improved to 65% this year, up from 50% previously.

  • Curve founder addresses the Curve problem through over-the-counter sales of $CRV. Egorov sold approximately 24 million $CRV in the last two days to buyers like Justin Sun, Stake DAO, and Yearn Finance’s treasury.

  • Hyundai Motor and Kia introduce a CO2 emission monitoring system built on the Hedera Network.

  • Bandai Namco, the gaming giant behind Tekken, Pacman, and Elden Ring, announces their first blockchain game.

  • Binance will list Bitcoin and Ethereum trading pairs for First Digital USD ($FDUSD) tomorrow.

  • Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders demand crackdown on ‘crypto tax evaders,’ putting pressure on the IRS and Treasury.

  • Binance denies reports of $90 billion in crypto trades in China.

  • A scammer deceived a Minnesota resident in an elaborate crypto scam, resulting in a loss of $9.2 million over 21 transactions.

  • BlackBerry reveals top crypto-focused malware amid rising cyber threats.

  • The Bank of England and Ripple explore synchronized settlement of payments using the Interledger Protocol.

  • KuCoin suspends Bitcoin and Litecoin mining pools.

  • Entrepreneur Joel Dietz accuses ConsenSys, the developer firm behind MetaMask, of stealing his idea for an in-browser crypto wallet and omitting him from its history.

  • CZ considered closing Binance . US earlier this year.

  • Grayscale’s report suggests the U.S. economy plays a crucial role in the crypto market’s recovery, with its rebound linked to achieving a “soft landing.”

  • Direxion, a traditional finance giant, joins the crypto ETF race by filing for a combined Bitcoin and Ether futures fund, following six other companies filing to launch ETH futures ETFs.

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