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  • Bitcoin’s volatility is now lower than Nasdaq, S&P 500, and gold, with K33 Research predicting an imminent eruption in the market.

  • Justin Sun withdrew $52.5 million from Aave and purchased 5 million $CRV from Curve founder Michael Egorov in an apparent OTC deal, forming a partnership with Curve.

  • Uniswap decided to delist $HEX.

  • Mithril is now operational on Cardano, aiming to enhance chain speed and efficiency, particularly by reducing node syncing time without compromising security.

  • Arkham Intelligence claims Terraform Labs may hold over $159 million in crypto despite previous claims of nearly losing everything.

  • During bankruptcy proceedings, Voyager Digital’s customer data reportedly got hacked.

  • Former PayPal president David Marcus renews interest in crypto, stating the need for a universal open protocol for payments, building on Bitcoin lightning.

  • Coinbase is exploring the addition of the Bitcoin Lighting network to advance crypto payment adoption worldwide, as confirmed by CEO Brian Armstrong.

  • Kraken offers fans an opportunity to put an NFT on an F1 racecar at the Austin Grand Prix.

  • MicroStrategy intends to sell up to $750 million of stock, potentially to acquire BTC, leading to a rise in bitcoin’s price.

  • MicroStrategy announces its second-quarter financial results, revealing a total of 152,800 BTC in holdings.

  • The Bank of Canada’s Bitcoin Omnibus Survey indicates a decline in BTC ownership from 13% to 10% of the population in 2022.

  • Global P2P platform Beam is now accessible on Optimism and Base, functioning like Venmo or Cash App but for cryptocurrency transactions.

  • A judge permits Terraform Labs to subpoena FTX entities regarding the failure of UST.

  • FTX’s creditors claim they were not informed about the plan to recoup funds.

  • GameStop plans to remove crypto wallets citing ‘regulatory uncertainty,’ including its iOS and Chrome wallet extensions on Nov. 1.

  • Utopia Labs launched a product allowing businesses to send USDC to US bank accounts and stablecoins to USD accounts, but the CEO predicts seamless crypto payments are a decade away.

  • Richard Heart is sued by the SEC in New York due to his usage of a Uniswap fork.

  • OKX Wallet introduces the ‘Smart Account’ feature, enabling USDT and USDC gas fee payments on multiple chains.

  • Kelly DiGregorio, who played a key role in Polygon’s deals with Starbucks, Disney, and Mastercard, is now a VP at OpenSea.

  • Binance Japan starts offering trading services for residents.

  • Archax’s tokenization engine enables institutional investment in Abrdn’s multibillion-dollar money market fund.

  • Genesis Digital Assets expands Bitcoin mining activity in ‘Pro-Innovation’ South Carolina.

  • Binance reportedly engaged in monthly transactions worth $90 billion in the banned China market, according to WSJ.

  • Binghamton University proposes a machine learning framework to counter the spread of fake news, incorporating blockchain technology.

  • Shanghai plans to create a blockchain infrastructure hub connecting with Hong Kong and Singapore by 2025.

  • FTX’s Bankman-Fried, seeking to avoid jail, denies witness tampering.

  • Sarah Breeden, a member of the CBDC Working Group, is appointed Bank of England Deputy Governor.

  • Ripple’s CLO, Alderoty, states that a Federal Judge’s ruling has no impact on XRP.

  • MakerDAO’s MKR, Ripple’s XRP, and Stellar’s XLM led crypto gainers in July.

  • Around 70% of Uniswap DEX volume is attributed to bots, according to data from glassnode.

  • Wall Street futures decline after Fitch downgrades the top-tier US rating.

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