Some crypto and Nft terms

  • GVO - “Good Vibes Only”

    • WAGMI- “We Are Going To Make It”
  • NGMI - “Not Going To Make It”

    • LFG - “Let’s F*ing Go!”
  • WL - “White List”

    • GM/GN - “Good Morning/Night”
  • DM/PM/DC - “Direct Message/Private Message/Discord”

    • AMA - “Ask me anything”
  • PFP - “Profile Picture”

    • FUD - “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”
  • IRL - “In Real Life”

    • DYOR - “Do Your Own Research”
  • IYKYK - “If You Know, You Know”

    • LG - “Let’s Go”
  • DW - “Don’t Worry”

    • GZ - “Congratulation”
  • OG - “Outstanding guy / Original Gangster”

    • SZN - “Season”
  • FOMO - “The Fear of Missing Out”

    • GMI - “Gonna Make it”
  • TBH - “To be honest”

    • TBA - “To be announced”
  • FOMO -“Fear of missing out”

    • YOLO - “You only live once”
  • NFA - “Not Financial Advice”

    • IDK - “ I don’t knownAirdrop : A new NFT or tokens dropped into your wallet for free.

Degen : Degenerate. People who do not research and take high risks.

Alpha : Information that the rest of the market has not found about it yet.

Delist : Cancel the listing of an NFT for sale.

DYOR : Do your own research.

AMA : Ask me anything.

Dev : Developers. People behind a project.

Flip : Buy NFTs at low prices and sell them quickly for profit.

Ape in : Rush into buying an NFT.

Diamond hands : People who holds their NFTs long-term.

Floor price (FP) : The lowest price which you can buy an NFT.

Blue chip : A project that will retain high value well into the future.

Dox : People who publicly reveal their identity.

Floor sweeping : The action of buying a large number of the cheapest NFTs listed to raises the floor price.

FOMO : Fear of missing out. People who rush into buying.

P2E : Play to earn games.

FUD : Fear. Uncertainty and doubt.

Mint : Buy a completely new NFT from the creator.

Paper hands : People who panic sell.

Gas fee : The fee needed to make a transaction on a blockchain.

OG : People who support a project since the beginning


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