Solana deemed security by SEC , Not Aptos

I’m of the opinion that Solana users will flock to Aptos in mass now that Solana is in sec crosshairs. Ada , BNB , busd, coti , Matic, and others have also been named. Knocking most Eth alternatives in the top 20 total marketcap out of the running for US consumers. Except … Polkadot.

A little known fact about Polkadot however is that they have been meeting with sec for years about morphing from security to software. Gary gensler eludes to this on cnbc.

This brings the question, what will regulators think of aptos ? I believe it’s a safe bet for now. Thoughts anyone ?


i am totaly agree with this


I just see this as a kind of fud. Everything will be settled in the mean time

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