SoccerWorld - Coming to Aptos

We are going to build our project on Aptos chain!

SoccerWorld (SCW) - the top platform for sports lovers that will bring you the newest experience on GameFi with NFT collection and Metaverse inspired by QATAR FIFA World Cup 2022. SCW tokens can be used to purchase NFT 22 pack, access P2P matches with massive gain in reward, and join the World Cup reward pool that accumulates over time. The next gem for Soccer Fan coming this 2022 :soccer:

:large_blue_diamond: Our Vision:
To deliver the quality game player can enjoy with the support with the blockchain technology

:large_blue_diamond: Our Mission:
Create the football NFT blockchain game with the quality of the traditional game that can be enjoy by anyone.

:large_blue_diamond: The Features
:point_right:t2: :soccer: Engagement: $SCW token holders will have the right to participate in a fan engagement-related reward system on the Soccer World platform based on live results from the FIFA World Cup 2022™.
:point_right:t2: NFTs Collection: $SCW token holders will be able to Stake their $SCW and NFTs for game rewards, FIFA World Cup 2022™ tickets, game items, and more.
:point_right:t2: Game-fi: $SCW token holders can access Soccer World metaverse and games system, P2P matches, and live events inspired by the FIFA World Cup 2022™.

:trophy: Our Strengths :trophy:
:point_right:t2: Quality gameplay - We build our game to be like the traditional game. It is a game, it must be fun to play.
:point_right:t2: Oracle system - always be one price for new user.
:point_right:t2: Refferal system for people can earn and enjoy the game in their way. Get 1% for every match from the person you refer.
:point_right:t2: Box system - Conversion in-game items into NFT
:point_right:t2: We are open for more suggestions.

:moneybag: Revenue :moneybag:
:point_right:t2: % Commission after any match.
:point_right:t2: Conversion Fee from Box system.
:point_right:t2: Conversion Fee from Prediction mode.

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